Adviser Support


In business for yourself but not by yourself


Feedback and advice on these key elements required for full licensing.


Ongoing compliance oversight to assure that your systems and procedures adhere to the new standards and that there are no gaps in your client files.


Under the ‘New Regulations’ you will need to prove governance oversight. A Board of Directors can be a very costly and restrictive exercise. Adviser Support Ltd can help you set up an Advisory Board.


Being self-employed can be quite a challenge when you are trying to figure out everything on your own. Do you know where your weaknesses are? Make use of the essential services we provide to boost your work efficiency.


Become part of Adelphi’s XL Mastermind group and connect with like-minded high achievers.


Get input and feedback on your client interactions, sales processes and business goals in one-on-one training sessions, online training videos and sales templates.


You’ve chosen to be in business for your yourself.
You want to control your destiny.
You want a quality lifestyle.
You want to make money.
You want to set up an income producing asset.
You want to make a difference.

Most of all, you want to focus on what you do best – being in front of your clients.

Adviser Support Ltd offers a range of tailored services to allow you to focus on building your business, whether you are:

A start-up adviser business
An established adviser
A brokerage with multiple advisers

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”
Peter Drucker

Being an Adviser Support member, you have access to:

  • Support on all the regulatory requirements needed for a transitional and full license

  • A compliance program that will give you peace of mind that what you are doing is right and that will help protect you from legal issues

  • A sound complaints process and complaints support - because you won't know how time-consuming a complaint can be until you are facing one

  • Business strategy support that will help you set clear goals to grow your business.

  • An asset protection and client nurturing program that will protect your asset - "Your client base"

  • Access to a wealth of training material to sharpen your professional skills and extend your industry and product knowledge

  • Access to a mastermind alliance of other high achievers like you

  • A highly accurate and easy to use CRM system

  • Discounts for multiple services like Level 5 Qualification, Asset Protection, Admin Broker Support and IT Services and Support

  • And much more

Adviser Support Ltd is your safety net. Join our team today!